The admission list of nursing training colleges in Ghana have been released and can be access on the notice boards of the various nursing training colleges across the country.

Most nursing training colleges have released their admission list for the 2017 – 2018 academic year. These admission lists can mostly be seen on the notice boards of your school of application. The admission list of nursing training colleges is mostly posted only on the schools’ notice board.

Some of the nursing training colleges sometimes goes a step further to send successful applicants a text message or an email indicating their success and admission into their institutions.

The admission letters are mostly posted to every successful applicant through the post office address provided during the application process.

Applicants can also download their admission letters from the website to be provided by the nursing training college

Success Applicants are advised to check their post offices in order to receive their admission letters.

Applicants can also visit the nursing training colleges of application to check their admission status. It is advised that, successful applicants should immediately pay the stated amount in their admission letters and make all the necessary arrangements to report to the school on the stated date.

Interviews were held for applicants who have successfully met the first requirement in the application process. The interviews were held between June and July depending on the nursing training college calendar. Successful candidates from the interview process are admitted into the various nursing training colleges to pursue the numerous nursing coursing on offer.

The admission list of nursing training colleges in Ghana should be checked by all applicants who have successfully gone through the interview process immediately in order to afford missing the deadline for reporting.